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Arizona Collaborative Law

Whether your relationship is developing into a serious partnership, your marital journey needs separation to focus, or your marriage has died, there are universal elements to agreeing that can make life easier, more financially responsive, and sensible, for the whole family.

Today, more than ever, domestic parties are desiring settlement outside of a trial to reach their reasonable goals. Collaborative law allows for customization your family law approach to meet your special needs.

It starts with evaluating the needs of the members in the family dynamic and collecting your goals, factual data, and reviewing your estate and family needs, in order to put together your team.

In the pre-marital or non-marital formation of a partnership, having an agreement in advance of the reliance on the relationship is likely your one opportunity to create rules you both want to live by, including asset protection, end of relationship relief, and child rearing issues. Your attorney can work with you to fit your issues into an estate theme that is more understandable and focused on the united and singular interests of both partners in collaboration with an estate attorney, tax expert, and other experts.

Collaborative law can help couples where one of the parties is or will be a Financially Dependent Spouse. And is particularly beneficial in high income and high asset division cases as a cost savings tool. In the traditional divorce the spouses each have their own legal team, and the court will sometimes appoint experts who evaluate and report to the court on assets and child rearing support matters. A battle of the expert’s ensues and costs go up. In choosing to collaborate, you can save a great deal by an attorney you both trust choosing your experts.

Collaborative law is not for everyone. It can be very rewarding where both parties desire to resolve their issues without litigation, and is particularly satisfying when both parties are willing to give as well as take.

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