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Arizona Asset Protection, Asset Division and Debt Distribution

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The Law Office of Donna M. Hougen, also known as Hougen Family Law, has extensive experience in dividing marital assets, debt and property.

The prenup

One of your best asset protection devices is a prenuptial agreement. Barring that, you will want to enter postnuptial agreements strategically. These tools are not secrets; they are employed regularly by intelligent and thoughtful people who understand the reality and uncertainty changes over time can bring to a marriage and choose to deal with potential upset up front and center. We are ready to protect your interests, achieve your goals with a look toward a blissful future and help you to pick your battles wisely if ever it comes to that.

Arizona is a community property state and in a divorce, all property, assets and debts acquired during your marriage will be considered for division by the court. The date you acquired an item is very important, and simply keeping your income separate or putting a title in your own name will not prevent community property law from considering the asset for distribution among both spouses. Furthermore, the slightest co-mingling of some assets can create a grant to your community of an asset that once you owned separately. Community liens can develop over time as income is used to pay for separate property. A myriad of other complexities can impact what is separate or community property.

Arizona marital distributions of property impact spousal support eligibility as well. We know the laws and are experienced at protecting your financial interests. We analyze your financial documents, assist you in getting accurate valuations of homes and other real estate, family businesses, investment portfolios and retirement funds and locate professional witnesses to evaluate business and testify for your interests or to draft specialized orders.

We can also assist you with:

  • Creating and enforcing a prenuptial agreement
  • Determining community, separate property, quasi community and mixed property
  • Determining excessive expenditures and seeking reimbursement
  • Dividing marital debt
  • Dividing tax deductions and exemptions
  • Dividing businesses
  • Dividing retirement accounts including mixed separate and marital property accounts
  • Proving separate property
  • Military pensions and service benefits divisions
  • Enforcement and modification of post-decree court orders
  • Domestication of foreign judgments (enforcing out of state orders)
  • Contempt actions
  • Civil arrest warrants

Protecting your interests in your Arizona divorce settlement

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