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Law Shack

Law Shack:  Providing affordable solutions for the self-determined individual or couple in complete or partial agreement, and for those who are self-represented.

Law Shack Mediation is if for people who can agree. It is the process where a learned legal professional helps you reach an agreement in a private setting representing you both. It allows you to hear one another and hear the legal tests, together, that apply to you both. Donna’s mediations will answer your questions and assist you both in understanding the law and processing the information to help you make decisions. Advances in technology allow mediation to be performed long distance, you can be anywhere there is high speed internet and good phone services. At Law Shack, both parties and the mediator agree the mediation process is confidential, encouraging candor with one another and the mediator. Mediation is designed to minimize the harm people do to each other when they have legal issues. Law Shack focuses on areas of agreement and document preparation, so even if you do not agree fully, the areas where you do agree can be put in writing.

Law Shack Document Preparation is a great solution for people 1) who already know what they want and have agreed, 2) are cash limited with no choice but to self-represent in all or a part of their case, or 3) simply desire to do it yourself. It allows you to get quality legal documents by a lawyer who is legally qualified to answers your questions and apply the law to your issues.

An individual that hires Law Shack to perform document preparation can purchase add on services, such as discovery assistance or trial preparation assistance. Add on services are usually performed on a consultation by consultation or flat fee basis.

Mediation is universally less costly than adversarial litigation. As simple and successful as Mediation is, it is not always the best solution. Seek mediation if you are both willing to compromise and get along well enough with the other party to reach reasonable agreements.

Document Preparation with Consultation Services involves assisting you with knowing your rights and is as customized as you would like it to be. However, this is not a mediation substitute. Rather, we represent just you, and can also engage in negotiations with the other party or their attorney to assist you if you desire it. This is so even if you are self-represented in the court.

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